- knowledge base dedicated for developers


I would like to share a project I built with Phoenix Live View: - knowledge base dedicated for developers.

Motivation behind the project:

To store personal, dev-related knowledge like:

  • code snippets, bash scripts, docker commands, etc. for easy/fast find and copy & paste
  • tutorial notes
  • dev theory
  • ideas
  • solutions for installation problems with packages, gems, libraries etc. (which are related to my specific configuration)
  • … and other dev-related stuff which is nice to have easily categorized/tagged and fast to find

and to have

system to simulate interview or exam questions with score summary at the end - virtual flashcards based on your knowledge items.

Development world is BIG, REALLY BIG. Amount of knowledge is massive and we, as developers have limited time and resources. It is not possible to put everything into our memory, so I build app to easily store and categorize the knowledge and have fast access to it whenever I need. If I am preparing for interview or exam - I can use virtual flashcards made from my knowledge items - this is the part of an app.

So if you are interested in building your personal know-how, dev-related base for fast access in the future - I hope you will find it useful or try how it works or looks - feedback is welcome.

The app is in beta so it is for free without limits … till I build payments module for premium membership :wink:

Technical aspects:

This web app need to work fast in terms of UX: so solution like SPA is desired. I was always concerned about the fact how much time consuming is process of maintaining JavaScript related logic and different code base for backend. In the past I was playing with multiple fronted frameworks like angularjs and angular 2+, libraries like jQuery and similar stuff - massive amount of time was consumed on building fronted communication with backend via JSON API, building model on both sides, forms, validation errors etc … but Phoenix Live View had arrived :slight_smile:

  • This app is build as SPA in Phoenix Live View.
  • Tailwind CSS with webpack
  • Alpine.js for animation / visual transitions and some visual actions shown immediately after click
  • DB is postgres with full text search rules in it - thank’s to fantastic Ecto related materials in the web
  • most of the frontend code is in Elixir, some javascript hooks and manipulations were needed for adjustments of third party code editor
  • channels message distribution is often used for UI updates like example: category name was updated → distribute this message to all components which shows category and refresh it

Thanks for reading this post. If you are interested in managing your personal, dev-related knowledge base or want to check Phoenix Live View usage in app like this I invite you to try in action.


Cool project.

Just my opinion but I think you should just put the 7 dollar price for premium and don’t mention that it is free until user click on it. That way you can measure whether people would want to pay for that price and you can adjust the price from there. :grin:


Nice project, if I was not doing this with tiddlywiki I would give a shot but good luck with it, seems really neat.


Thank you for interest, visiting the page and some feedback :slight_smile: