Kubuntu against my old Bodhi Linux

Here I will post my experience with Kubuntu for on week inside my vm and then compare it to my old Bodhi Linux that was also inside a vm.

Hosting operating system is a windows 10 home edition.

Also an interesting topic for non believers of linux replacing Windows 10.

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The KUBUNTU installer is very straight forward and if you want you can test it without even installing it.

During the boot of the installer you will get an option to either install kubuntu or just try it.

If you require any help I can offer guidance through the steps.

I’m talking about a general day-to-day user of a desktop computer.

In 2015 I started using Arch Linux for a year.

That could be cool to see!

Only on like 2, the rest saw how well it worked for others so I didn’t have to do much beside make them a Kubuntu image on a USB drive. :smile:

In this case they were all quite irritated at Windows’ lack of stability.

One thing to add though games like Skyrim and other AAA title don;t work in linux. If you are not into gaming then it’s paradise.

Arch is different from KUBUNTU. If you don;t play AAA games then KUBUNTU is a very good option. Also it has superior speed if compared with Windows 10.

Yes they do, I know very well that Skyrim does because my wife plays it often.

Generally a Windows game won’t have any issues on Linux unless it has some of that really invasive garbage drm (like EAC and so forth), which I wouldn’t support by buying even if I did have Windows. Almost everything works super easily via either steam play or lutris.


Skyrim with mod manager doesn’t work so it’s a deal breaker for many.

Yes it does just fine? Wife uses that too, she plays heavily modded. :smile:

Ok I will have to request your help on that one. Because i am thinking of moving over to linux fully.

Do you have a way of making EA games work too with origin?

So let’s start with a nice and simple picture of my desktop in the VM(virtualbox).
My desktop

I am using a custom app for KDE called latte-dock that gives me the docker like fell in MAC.

Moving on to the htop tests:
Mem test with htop

CPU test with htop

Problems encountered in my VM:

Font some times doesn’t scale good
Artefacts even after installing correctly guest additions.


This happens on right click

This is a font glitch

It is faster then bodhi but suffers from the problems that I shown in this post.

I hope that this review can be helpful for others decide what they want to do and what they can expect if they use Kubuntu in virtualbox.

Those problems shouldn’t appear if Kubuntu is installed on a physical hard disk.

I will have to reinstall bodhi linux in my vm to make the comparison tomorrow.

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I avoid EA and it’s stuff for moral reasons, but from my understanding it works fine too. Look at the lutris website to see how well a given game works.


Thanks for answering my request.

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Just out of curiosity, do you use the default or custom Ubuntu kernel?
(collections of patches, schedulers, …).

Are you happy with the default shell? Bash bores me a little. Which shell do you think is “better”? (bash, ksh, zsh, …)


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Hi @fun2src .

I use the default kernel never needed to change it, especially because I am on vm(virtualbox).
I love to use zsh with antigen, because it has autocompletion and a lot of other benefits that come packed as custom packages.

Here are some cool links

Also for the terminal I am using Terminology from here http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/12/install-terminology-ubuntu-linux/

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My old thread should be OK while i find out why I can’t install from the image.

Also last time i went with an Ubuntu and added the Moksha desktop on top.

Found the issue

Here are the images, also not glitches
Desktop image default

htop CPU


htop mem

Biger images here

All stock kernel for me.

I use ZSH with a lot of plugins. ^.^;

Is it supposed to be installable? Pure-Live-Running images are not uncommon.

Moksha? What be?

Exceptionally tiny htop images, what’s the info in them? ^.^;

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it is install-able but you need to search deep in the menu to find it after you enter the test mode. use this for ref https://www.bodhilinux.com/w/installation-instructions/

This is moksha desktop http://www.bodhilinux.com/moksha-desktop/

Weird i will redo the screenshots.
I need to find a new screenshot tool the one in bodhi has bugs in 10 min we should have the new shots.

UPDATE my tool is working the upload from the forum software is not working correctly and makes my images small it resizes them so i used an external service.


scrot has not yet managed to disappoint me… I’m happy with it.

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