Kubuntu against my old Bodhi Linux

Thanks for sharing
Looks cool and seems easy to use from the docs that can be found here https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-take-screenshots-in-linux-with-scrot/

I use spectacle to take screenshots in linux. Supports a variety of methods of screenshots, can upload directly to a variety of services, comes with kde, etc… ^.^

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I installed flame shot just a couple of minutes ago and it has some cool features

You can find it here https://flameshot.js.org/#/


I use ImageMagick, Spectacle (KDE), GNOME Screenshot and Firefox Screenshots.

Sometimes I use VLC!


What type of LInux do you use and what tools do you use for dev? @fun2src

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My first Linux distribution was Caldera. I’ve been using Debian GNU/Linux for many years (“potato”, “woody” … “bullseye”).

Desktop: Debian stable (“buster”).
Laptop: Debian testing/unstable (APT pinning).

Minimal GNOME (gnome-shell) & minimal KDE.


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Oh so your native OS is Linux and you are using Debian. Never could have guessed it Ineteresting tools some of them are new to me especially taiga.io.

I saw that you are on the react band so I would like to ask on front-end do you get the same result in Firefox on Linux as in Windows or Mac?

Or how do you test your front-end, browser wise?

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I never used Windows. I’m sorry! :smiley:
The last Microsoft OS I used was MS-DOS 3.30 (floppy 3 1/2).
I used Basic (MSX), MS-DOS, OS/2 Merlin, Sun Solaris (SPARC), OpenSolaris, Plan 9 (Bell Labs), GNU Hurd (multiserver microkernel), Linux and OSX (macOS).

Same result? I didn’t notice anything relevant.

I’m leaving MacOS. In my personal opinion: I think the latest operating system is unpresentable. My first Mac was an iMac G5 rev A. (OSX Panther).
Leopard was bad. Catalina is horrible. However, I don’t want to start an OS war.

I use Jest & Enzyme.
How to test React with Jest & Enzyme


Cool thanks for sharing @fun2src

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UPDATE All problems described in this thread regarding KUBUNTU have been solved by upgrading Virtualbox to 6.1 and also the extension pack so now it works great

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Hello, would you have some suggestions for me as well? ^^

I’m Ubuntu user for years now but i still keep a windows as dual boot os with it. To be honest, I can count at my fingertips the number of times I have needed windows during this year.

What I miss in Ubuntu is a good replacement for Windows media player.
Well, Banshee player used to be, but sadely the project is no longer maintained.

What I like in those two media players is the possibility to create libraries for both audio and video files. VLC also plays both but one can’t create music libraries with it.

So do you have any good suggestion for me?

Desired features are:

  • Rating music
  • library for both audio and video
  • smart playlists (for example: songs rated 4 * I didn’t listen to recently)
  • export playlist to external device
  • add tags to songs
  • search by tags

I have all that with WMP and Banshee.

Thanks ^^

Have you tried
Also this list might be interesting to see https://www.ubuntupit.com/top-10-best-linux-video-players-enjoy-ultimate-movie-music/


I’ve already tried Amarok and yes it plays videos but as audio files. I mean there is no video output. But maybe there is an extension for that. Anyway t’s a good fit for what I’m looking for.

Ok I will have a look at.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome.

Also try to use a GUi package manager for Ubuntu and look under music and videos. By the way what Ubuntu flavor are you using? Kde? Gnome?

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I use the default with ubuntu 18.04, gnome 3.
When installing AmaroK I noticed that some KDE packages have be installed though.

Yes I did that for now I have VLC, Clementine, Audacious, RhythmBox (pre-installed), totem (also pre-installed), Banshee, AmaroK, Kodi, moc player.

Audacious is good for my old midi files after some config.
Maybe I will settle for AmaroK as my default player since It can play both audio and videos. I have yet to check for the smart playlist feature.
Kodi is good for watching my movies.
moc player is good for playing my playlist in the console.

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Glad you found some players that work for you.

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