LambdaConf 2018

Hello everyone!
I’m not generally active on your boards here, but I am a volunteer for LambdaConf and I got permission from Aston to post about this year’s conference. Please check out the details below:

LambdaConf 2018- June 3-5, 2018 in Boulder, CO. Three days of Functional Programming learning and fun! (Standard Pricing for Corporate and Self-Pay ticket types end on May 1st!)

We warmly welcome you to join us in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains for a series of mind-blowing workshops and talks and the wonderful company of the many helpful and smart people who gather at the conference year after year.

Deepen your mastery of the craft of writing quality software using functional techniques, and rediscover for yourself the magic of programming.

LambdaConf is the leading and most well-known conference for functional programming in the world. Each year, hundreds of aspiring and practicing functional programmers, researchers, and students assemble from all around the world to learn foundations, master new languages and libraries, and share state-of-the art research, techniques, and applications in the rapidly growing field of functional programming.

Every edition of the conference is packed full with educational content, insight from commercial usage and academia, and inspiration and passion. Amazing speakers, locally-sourced gourmet meals, and professional networking activities, all combine to make each edition uniquely memorable.

In the year 2018, LambdaConf returns for its fifth year anniversary. We have a few surprises in store for attendees and speakers, and we have set the bar higher than ever for content and experience. Attendees will find hands-on training, in-depth workshops, educational sessions, and deep technical content showcasing how functional programming is solving today’s hardest business problems.

Sessions cover topics in all of the following areas:

Abstract Algebra
Bringing Functional Programming to Work
Category Theory
Data Processing
Distributed Systems
Formal Verification
Functional Architecture
Functional Programming Abstractions
Functional Programming Languages
Functional UI
Machine Learning
New & Niche Functional Programming Languages
Popular Functional Programming Libraries
Programming Language Theory
Streaming Data
Teaching Functional Programming
Type Systems
Type Theory
Web Services

Multi-Track. With as many as 8 concurrent tracks, LambdaConf has a mind-boggling amount of quality workshops and talks that guarantees all attendees will find content that is interesting and appropriate for them. A continuous unconference track on day 2 and 3 allows people to share and learn spontaneously.
Free Workshops. LambdaConf is packed with two days of 6 hour and 2 hour hands-on training workshops that would cost thousands of dollars elsewhere. Based on past editions of the conference, the majority of attendees who go to LambdaConf come away with new knowledge and skills they can immediately apply on the job.
Professional Networking. The conference is preceded by a full day of networking activities, including hiking, socializing at a local brewery, and coffee tasting, and two and a half hours of every day are devoted to shared meals, drinks, and snacks. Advance your career by connecting with leaders in the field of functional programming.
Gourmet Meals. LambdaConf spares no expense on conference meals, using locally-owned restaurants to craft mouth-watering, hot breakfast and lunch every day of the conference, as well as the conference dinner. Even custom diets can be accommodated.
Surrounding Events. LambdaConf is preceded by two-day, intensive commercial training packages, which are available for an additional fee and cover select topics in functional programming. LambdaConf is followed by a day of free or low-cost mini-conferences, including PureScript Conf 2018, Scalaz 8 Summit, Haskell Hackathon, and more.
Beautiful City. LambdaConf is hosted in Boulder, Colorado, which consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in America. In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, attendees can enjoy hiking, climbing, and much more, with fine-dining and shopping in a compact city that’s walkable and bikable.
Highly Accessible. LambdaConf has a long tradition of providing scholarships to those in need. All venues are handicapped accessible, the conference venue has all-gender bathrooms, and childcare is included free of charge, making the event accessible to everyone who has a passion for functional programming.


My wife and I actually thought of moving there at one point, but then we saw the cost of living was over 3x for basic necessities of where we live now and over 10x-100x housing costs, so (after looking at other places with similar costs, we live in a cheap area apparently) we decided to stay living in the desert/high_plains. ^.^;

However, this may very well be something that I can convince my wife to go visit with me to give me a reason to go (the ElixirConf in Austin we almost did, but bad schedules and finances at the time). ^.^

Do you have any links about prices and so forth (no links in your post)? Any deals with any hotels? :slight_smile:

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Hi - I totally get it, the cost of living here has gone insane with so many people moving here. I’ve lived here my entire life so I’ve seen it go crazy.
Sorry I forgot to post the link…that might help :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the conference, and suggestions for lodging are towards the bottom.
I hope you can make it…this will be my 4th year attending and 3rd year as a volunteer.

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Whoo thanks much! ^.^

Awesome, we’ll discuss it soon. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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