Layout and LiveView 0.10.0

I have started developping with Liveview 0.5.1 and recently switched to 0.10.1
I don’t understand well the changelog :" (…)Therefore, we recommend setting put_root_layout in a pipeline that is exclusive to LiveViews"
I understand that root layout is top-level, shared among live and no-live views. The changelog seems to say that that should no longer be the case. If I put put_root_layout to a LiveView dedicated pipeline, it won’t be set for regular view pipe-lines, meaning regular views won’t have a root layout anymore.
Since I could not make my mind with doc and changelog, I went away and altered my code until it “worked accidentely”.
Please tell me if what I did is correct.

1/I set

plug :put_root_layout, {MsimWeb.LayoutView, :root}
in the main pipeline in router.ex

2/My previously empty root.html.eex now contains whatever was in app.html.eex, and I changed the render… to @inner_content

3/My app.html.eex is now almost empty, it has a one line render…

4/ My previously empty live.html has now few lines about live_flash and is called by altering each liveview file with

use Phoenix.LiveView, layout: {MsimWeb.LayoutView, “live.html”}

Thanks for your help

Here’s how generated templates look like in phoenix master. Your changes are on line with the default setup.

Live Layouts part of the LiveView docs expands on this.

Thank you
I read the Live View doc and used it to make my code work. However, can you explain the apparent contradiction between this doc and the changelog ? The item that bugs me is this recomendation in the changelog about not to use the root layout for all views.