Lead Elixir Developer - Felcana Pet Technology - London UK

I’m Emily from Felcana, the first vet-led, vet-focused pet tech start up (say it fast!)

Introductory paragraph

Felcana are the first vet-led, vet-focused pet technology start-up combining telemedicine, AI, data science and connected devices to create a digital pet health centre. Our goal is to improve the welfare of pets globally through the collision of technology with biology, evolving traditional veterinary practices which have remained the same for decades.

About us

My name: Emily Rebecca Smith
My position: People and Commercial Development Manager
Company name: Felcana
Website: www.felcana.com and https://felcana.workable.com/
Company info and history _We’re using Elixir on a Phoenix framework and hosting in AWS. At our current stage in development, we have a number of exciting and complex projects that we need a strong back end developer to help us to solve. These range from building out the new infrastructure to defining the functionality, specifications and features of our Back End services.

As a team, it’s important we all feel empowered to use our skills and scale our projects.
In order to achieve this, we are keen to hire Back End developers from a range of technical backgrounds, who would love the opportunity to cross-train to use Elixir in production. We believe that diversity is the spice of life, both personally and professionally, to support a productive and creative working environment._:

About the job

Job title: Back End Developer
Job description: see https://felcana.workable.com/
Salary range: Up to £80k
Position on remote work: Flexible
Qualifications or experience required: Over 3 years’ commercial experience in Back End development
What the successful job applicant will be working on: We need an Elixir-fanatic Back-End developer to help lead the creation of our robust and powerful platform that is capable of processing large amounts of data and delivering content quickly to a variety of users. You’ll have full autonomy over technical decisions and your experience and insight will help define our product roadmap.

About the interview process

_This will be in three stages:

  1. You will meet with Joel, Joanna and Tom for a peer review - this will be an opportunity to show how you structure your approaches and they will be looking out for logical answers. You will go through coding practices with Joanna and will learn about some of the problems we’re facing at Felcana, giving you the opportunity to show how you would tackle this (e.g. memory issues).
  2. If you pass the first stage you will meet with Rafa for a discussion about how you would build out the new platform as infrastructure. He will want to understand your approaches to the scalability of the system, how you would build out new pipelines, help build the foundations, any experience you have of making a system robust and migrating systems from one location to another.
  3. You may then meet James for a quick coffee to go through your background as well as your motivations for joining Felcana. You will not be tested on your technical ability in this interview, however it will be important that you demonstrate your suitability for the role as well as why you would be a good addition to the company. Please make sure you research the company and have questions prepared!_

Further info

Please find more info and apply at: https://felcana.workable.com/


Nice one Emily - it’s good to see more in the pet sector (and here in the UK!) using Elixir :003:

I run several pet related sites myself so will be keep an eye out for Felcana! :slight_smile:


Good to see more companies using Elixir/Phoenix in UK
@emily-smith-felcana are you looking for just one or several developers


@elixirnewbie Hello - yep we’re using it for scalability reasons related to the products we’re going to launch. At the moment, we’re looking for one Lead/Senior Dev (with aim to move in to Head of Dev) and a mid-level Dev. We expect to hire another 3-5 by the end of the year. Do you know anyone who may be interested to hear more?


Hi Emily. I am interest to know more details, but I live in Brazil. Does your company offer visa to work in UK ?

Hello Tiago,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately we cannot offer sponsorship at the moment!


Ok Thanks.

Just to let you all know that this position has now been filled.

Thank you for all those who showed interest - we will be hiring again in the future for other positions no doubt. Watch this space!