Lead Elixir Engineer - Maersk, Copenhagen, Denmark

About us

A.P. Moller - Maersk - as an international business on a high-tech journey, we don’t just transport millions of tons of cargo. We’re leading a digital revolution in global trade, creating opportunities for millions of customers around the world through new technology, data science, and artificial intelligence

The world is facing a climate emergency. We see it as our obligation – as an industry leader and with the resources available to us – to do all we can to get to net zero operations as fast as possible and to help our customers decarbonise their global supply chains end-to-end.

Our newly created Energy Transition platform team will build services to measure, calculate, and enable net zero commitments across our business by 2040.
This means together we will:

  • Identify, source, normalise and govern timely and accurate data to enable emissions calculations
  • Provide a single source of calculated emissions measures and analysis using defined standard calculation methods with all applicable reporting schemes
  • Provision calculated results to the end users (APIs, dashboards)

My name: Joanna
My position: IT Recruiter
Company name: Maersk
Company website: https://www.maersk.com
Company headquarters: Denmark

Energy Transition Platform team at Maersk will help us accomplish amazing things.
We are reducing global food waste, making trade fairer, improving communities and going carbon neutral by 2050 - this team is focusing on shaping a better future for everyone.
By hiring this specific talent we want to encourage innovation and empower our teams to share new ways of thinking, making the most of our diverse talents. But it’s also about feeling involved and encouraged to be yourself.

About the job

Job title: Lead Elixir Engineer
Job description:

As a Lead Elixir Engineer in the Energy Transition area, you will:

· Build the simplest possible thing that will continually deliver working and well tested software

· Define and prioritise features, bugs, and chores alongside our product and design teams

· Balance feature and chore work on your team, striving to keep the code extensible in a dynamic product environment

· Aid in discovery and lead the design of complex data ingestion, calculation and publishing services

· Develop a deep understanding the energy transition domain and keep your team on course with the high -level value delivery goals of the group

We’re building from the ground up and looking for experts that will help make decisions around the stack and technologies we use.

Here’s what we’re currently using:
:heavy_check_mark:Elixir for application code :test_tube:
:heavy_check_mark:Kafka for our async message queues :incoming_envelope:
:heavy_check_mark:Kubernetes to schedule and run services :star2:
:heavy_check_mark:Azure for a lot of our infrastructure :cloud:
:heavy_check_mark:Phoenix LiveView for many front ends :desktop_computer:
:heavy_check_mark:Broadway for concurrent data ingestion/processing :rocket:

We’re building highly collaborative teams with a focus on:

  • Pair programming
  • Test-Driven-Development
  • 1 week iterations

Position on remote work: hybrid - Denmark

Qualifications or experience required:

You have:

-Solid knowledge of extreme programming practices/values such as TDD or pair programming

-Significant experience in building and maintaining APIs

-Significant experience working with Ruby or Elixir or Erlang.

You enjoy coaching and guiding members of your team with attention to creating an inclusive and psychologically safe environment

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

You’ll work with teams to create a platform that collects emissions data from different sources through API-based data exchange and event streaming, giving a unified view of global emissions data for Maersk operations. This platform will require a model to understand the different components and user experiences, as capturing emissions from vessels, terminals, and warehouses requires different approaches. Additionally, you’ll work on a service that standardises emission calculations in line with GHG protocols and integrates with other products and services to create a single source of truth for emissions data across the organisation.

About the interview process

  • 20 minutes with the Hiring Manager - Opportunity to align expectations for the role and discuss work style and background.
  • 90 minutes with an engineer - Pair programming and test driven development are core practices in the teams we’re building and we like our
    interview to reflect how we work.
  • 60 minutes with with the manager and stakeholder - To understand the values and how you promote inclusive
    and psychologically safe environment

Further info
Would you like to learn more about this position or want to apply directly - you can do it here
Or simply comment under this post with further questions!
You can also find me on LinkedIn - I would love to connect! :zap:


Could you be more specific about the Hybrid model you use?
Is it 1 day/week, 1 day/month?

Hey, in general, we allow teams to set their own schedule and decide which days are best to be
together. Some teams are in 2 days a week and some 5, this is up to you. I would not say that it is set in the stone, more of an individual case

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I understand from this that the candidate would have to live in Denmark, as it is unlikely that a candidate in another country (doing almost full remote) would not fit the description, correct?

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That depends, we can consider remote option for someone who has extensive experience in TDD and XP to be able to and to be comfortable leading a team in teaching and coaching extreme programming practices. We would asses whether is to the extend we require, during the interview process

Hi @Jo_hiring. Is this position still open?