Lead Fullstack Developer - Canada - Remote - North American Timezones Preferred

We’re on the lookout for a talented Elixir (or Ruby) Engineer to lead the Development of Nectarine Credit, a fintech app looking to eliminate the cumbersome credit application process between businesses.

The ideal candidate can work across the stack Elixir, GraphQL, React but each technology is not a hard requirement as we appreciate engineering talent in all forms.

Currently, the product is already built, has customers, and needs someone to scale it to the next level.

Learn more below :point_down:

About us

My name: Ben Church
My position: Lead Developer / CTO
Company name: Nectarine Credit
Website: https://nectarinecredit.com
Country: Canada

About the job

Job title: Lead Developer / CTO
Job description:

Nectarine Credit is looking for someone who can take over the technical ownership of this product. Due to life events the current CTO/Lead developer needs to step back. While this isn’t always an ideal scenario for a business we believe this is likely a great opportunity for a developer in this community looking for a project with a lot of upside.

The codebase is well built and stable, we have paying enterprise customers and just need to scale up.

Salary range: $120,000+
Position on remote work: Remote OK
Qualifications or experience required: 3+ years
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

The interview process is simple:

  1. Fill out the following form Nectarine Credit
  2. We will contact you for a short call with the current CTO
  3. If things look good we will schedule one more call with the current CEO
  4. After that if you are a good fit we will work out the details of when you can start

Further info

About Nectarine Credit

Simply put, we hate fax machines, so do our customers, but most of the world of credit applications is stuck printing, signing, and sending paper applications. We want to change that.

That’s, why we built a system that coordinates and automates the whole credit application process using a combination of new best, practices in business, from digital signatures to banking integrations.

The company itself is only a year only and is currently fully remote (PT timezone), but we have customers, are moving fast, and we want to move faster.

What is a Credit Application?

Essentially it’s when one company asks if they would be willing to ship a certain dollar value of product on goodwill.

For example, a brewery has a can supplier and the brewery asks the can supplier if they’d be willing to ship $10,000 of cans today and give them 30 days to pay.

This is a common request, however, the current process of approving someone’s credit involves a lot of paper applications and a lot of old fashion phone calls.

All the things we want to automate.

What does this role look like?

First month

  • Meeting the team and context sharing
  • Onboarding and learning how the system works
  • Taking on small clean up tasks across the frontend (React) and backend (Elixir) to assist with understanding the code
  • Participating in our weekly calls to understand where we are on the roadmap and where we are headed

Second month

  • Active participation in breaking down high-level feature requests into digest-able engineering jobs to be done
  • Writing net new medium-sized features (1-4 days in size)
  • Proactively communicating updates on progress

Fourth month and beyond

  • Participating in the scoping, design, and priority of net new features
  • Helping to define the long term vision for the product roadmap and technical architecture
  • Building larger features and integrations (5-15 days in size)

What makes a candidate stand out?

Our goal is to find a talented engineer, Full stop. Below is a list of nice to haves but not hard requirements. So remember if you feel like you can do this job and do it well feel free to apply.

  • Has taken an project from idea to production
  • Have developed at least one production quality application in Elixir or Ruby
  • Has written at least one production application in React, Nextjs, Preact, or Remix.
  • Understands at a high level what Graphql is and has used a library like Apollojs in the past
  • Working hours overlap 9am - 6pm PT by at least 4 hours
  • Has references for past clients or employers
  • Is a great communicator both written and verbal

How to Apply?

We ask that anyone looking to apply fills out this short form to help us simply keep track of every thing. After filling out this form you’ll be given a calendly link to book a time to chat.

Looking forward to meeting you.