Learn how Elixir is being used by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Join the team from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority as they explore their work with Elixir from three unique perspectives. It will start with a short history of the Customer Technology Department and expand into three distinct case studies of Elixir’s use at MBTA.

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Case study 1: The MBTA public API which you can explore at https://api-v3.mbta.com/ and https://github.com/mbta/api

Case study 2: Skate, a web app for bus dispatchers: https://github.com/mbta/skate

Case study 3: RTR, the backend powering the subway predictions and signage

3 key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Elixir is a great fit for many problems in public transit

  • Elixir and Phoenix help MBTA build performant, stable real-time apps while keeping our application code relatively straightforward

  • It’s worth the learning curve for new engineers, even for those coming from backgrounds in Ruby/Python/C#


A recording of this webinar can be found at https://www2.erlang-solutions.com/mbtarecording4

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