Learning Elixir for free

I’ve been trying to start learning Elixir for a couple of weeks while I develop a tiny project I have on node.js, but every time I try to step into this world, I get stuck at finding good, free materials for learning it. I’m not stingy, I’m just Venezuelan (minimum monthly salary: the equivalent of 10 dollars/month, and dollars are illegal to trade in).

I searched all the internet in look for Dave Thomas’ book and could only find a 2014 version for free. I would study using it, but I’m scared that Elixir has evolved too much in these two years and I’ll be stuck using old formulas to solve problems that have much easier solutions. So I’ve been looking for ways to study it and I don’t know if my Google skills are lacking or there just isn’t any proper means of learning it without paying an arm an a leg first.

You should definitely take a look at elixir school in that case. It covers pretty much the entire language and is up to date with the latest version.

Also the guides section of the website has good docs as well.

Edit: although it seems that link is throwing a 404. Perhaps being updated at the moment.


The links Stuart has posted are excellent :023:

Also, don’t forget to enter our monthly competition :003: http://pragprog.elixirforum.com (we also offer a 25% off coupon that you can use for any Pragprog-published ebook with the coupon that shows on your page in the competition site).

Excellent, I will then wait for the site to be back up and start learning from it. Thanks for your help.

Edit: it seems that all resources in your second link are paid, so I won’t be able to use any. But still, elixir school seems to be a good place for it.

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That would be great, I’ll be sure to enter a competition after I learn some Elixir. However, the coupons will not be useful at all for me since we don’t have any access to foreign currencies in my country (and they are necessary to buy on the internet through foreign systems). Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Sorry I added the wrong link, it was supposed to be this one. I will update my original reply.

Also look at this thread:

You can use various free trials to good effect :023:

@Besto I would suggest after reading Dave Thomas book, if you want to get a little dipper on the OTP part of the language, you should read Elixir in Action and Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook this books are awesome.

First is 44 dollars, second is 40. My current living situation doesn’t allow me to use dollars (Venezuela, no foreign currency unless authorized by government, and I’m not authorized). That’s why I asked for free stuff. :slight_smile: I’m learning now, thanks to the resources provided before, although it’s a very slow way.


Hi, if you are still searching for the free learning resources to kick off your adventure with Elixir, we have just published an online course which will definitely guide you through the first steps and make you familiar with the language’s core concepts.

To start learning, please visit Prograils Elixir Course (Free)

And of course, feel free to get back with your insights!