Learning Elixir in 2018

What are the best beginner resources for learning Elixir and OTP (not Phoenix) in 2018?


My current advice is most of what I have done myself :003:

See my reviews in these threads for more info:

And I’m currently reading:

There are other great books and resources too, but I haven’t read them yet - but from everything I have read/done, the above is what I recommend so far (I expect the list to get quite a bit bigger :slight_smile: )


I’m doing all in my (part-time) power to make Alchemist Camp worthy of inclusion in lists such as this.

So far, over 70 free screencasts are up on YouTube (65 on the site with varying degrees of written material to go with them) and all in all it’s closing in on 40 hours of content.

I’m also working on some text-based tutorials that will be easier to produce and update, and some gamification features to help motivate learners.

The site is only a few months old and thus far hasn’t managed to get on any of the resource lists (like elixir-lang.org/learning, Awesome Elixir, or /r/elixir), but if anyone wants help figuring out deployment, working through one of the prag prog books, etc, ping me and I’ll try to help.


Though all three materials listed here are excellent, and I make good (I hope) use of them, Elixir for Programmers (AKA “The Gnome School of Elixir”) is the one I find the most helpful.

The combination of (very well) narrated videos, accompanying texts and exercises, all building towards an actual project (which sound foolish but turns out to be quite an endeavour)… if you’re low on cash, start with that one (and Elixir docs for help with Elixir’s API).