Programming Elixir (Pragprog)

by Dave Thomas

This book is the introduction to Elixir for experienced programmers, completely updated for Elixir 1.6 and beyond. Explore functional programming without the academic overtones (tell me about monads just one more time). Create concurrent applications, but get them right without all the locking and consistency headaches. Meet Elixir, a modern, functional, concurrent language built on the rock-solid Erlang VM. Elixir’s pragmatic syntax and built-in support for metaprogramming will make you productive and keep you interested for the long haul. Maybe the time is right for the Next Big Thing. Maybe it’s Elixir.

Don’t forget you can get 35% off the ebook using the code ‘

In university with an .edu type email address? Get this book free!


Just finished this book - loved it! :003:

I’ve been reading it concurrently with Elixir In Action: I read 50% of Programming Elixir first (the language bits) and then jumped to Elixir in Action because it covers quite a bit of the same ground (especially the language basics, albeit at a faster pace) - this suits me perfectly because it saves me having to write notes; I like going over things to help ‘repeat and reinforce’ what I’ve learnt. These two books are a fantastic combo if that is your preferred learning style too.

I love how Dave holds your hand while going through the language fundamentals (quite in-depth too) - he fully explains all the related code and I feel this is really important when you are learning a new language as it stops you from feeling lost, which can put you off the language let alone a book! I think the overall pace of the book is great, especially if you are coming from another language.

If you’re wondering how it differs to EIA, it covers the language basics in more depth, as well as covering more topics (like Agents, Tasks, Sigils, etc). EIA on the other hand covers processes, OTP and deployment in more depth. Again, another reason why these two books make the perfect combo.

If you will be reading this together with EIA I recommend reading 50% of Programming Elixir first, then 100% of Elixir in Action, then finishing with the remainder of Programming Elixir (partly because it’s been updated more recently - so when you’re done you will be relatively ‘up-to-date’ :slight_smile:).

Overall, this book definitely gets a massive :023: from me! If you haven’t got it - get it! Definitely one of Dave’s best books to date.

Now… I’m off to do Dave’s online course :sunglasses:


Hello everyone,

Programming Elixir by @pragdave is now updated for version 1.6 :slight_smile:


Picked up Programming Elixir 1.2 as part of the Elixir Starter Pack back in May 2016 (updated to Programming Elixir 1.3 in August 2016) - and there was a redeemable coupon (100% off) for Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6 on my pragprog account!

Lets not take these generous updates for granted.


I bought on amazon Programming Elixir 1.3 Physically, any coupon codes here for us analogs?

Try now :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t think so (and why I always recommend people buy digital copies directly from publishers). You could email them to be sure though?

You can however use the coupon code in the first post to get 35% off the ebook :003:

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Yeah oh well, I bought both Phoenix and Elixir’s versions in physical and haven’t got to read 'em yet, so I’ll wait…

I’ve to many stuff to read/learn anyways tbh

Can you point to where exactly it was? :slight_smile: I bought 1.2, updated to 1.3 just like you did, but don’t see any coupon for 1.6 :frowning:

@sztosz I had the same problem yesterday. It’s kind of hidden. First add it to your cart, then view the cart to see coupons at the bottom, and if you are like me, you have many unused coupons for paper versions and the free ebook one is all the way at the bottom, so you have to scroll. Would be nice if newest showed up on top, or if the coupon was visible on the product detail view, but…

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I didn’t find the coupon in cart though… heh… had to go to and there it was on the bottom, but above Your Orders :slight_smile:

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Hi everybody,

Did someone look over this new edition of the book.
Is it worth to buy or should I continue studying the older version ?

Watch for coupons if you own the earlier version.

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Can you please tell me if it’s worth to buy the version 1.6 if I already have the 1.3 ?

If you bought a digital version of the book you might be eligible for an upgrade, if not, and you haven’t got his online course, I would get that first :slight_smile:

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Should I read Elixir in action before diving in this online course as you did ?

EIA is due to be updated 2nd quarter of this year so I would wait for the update and do the course first :slight_smile:

Got a .edu (or similar) email address? Get Programming Elixir free!

If you’re at university, please spread the word :023:

FAO// @carlosarli - please tell your professor :003:


Whooo I have a valid .edu address at work! Funny enough, only staff and faculty have .edu addresses, students do not. ^.^;


Ah right - here in the UK students get a address too :smiley:

You’ll have to tell all your colleagues :003:

Thank you for this, I got a copy myself and I will definitely recommend this to my Distributed Algorithms professor.

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