Learning Elixir (Self-published / Packt)


by Kenny Ballou

Elixir, based on Erlang’s virtual machine and ecosystem, makes it easier to achieve scalability, concurrency, fault tolerance, and high availability goals that are pursued by developers using any programming language or programming paradigm. Elixir is a modern programming language that utilizes the benefits offered by Erlang VM without really incorporating the complex syntaxes of Erlang.

Learning to program using Elixir will teach many things that are very beneficial to programming as a craft, even if at the end of the day, the programmer isn’t using Elixir. This book will teach you concepts and principles important to any complex, scalable, and resilient application. Mostly, applications are historically difficult to reason about, but using the concepts in this book, they will become easy and enjoyable. It will teach you the functional programing ropes, to enable them to create better and more scalable applications, and you will explore how Elixir can help you achieve new programming heights. You will also glean a firm understanding of basics of OTP and the available generic, provided functionality for creating resilient complex systems. Furthermore, you will learn the basics of metaprogramming: modifying and extending Elixir to suite your needs.

###What You Will Learn

  • Explore Elixir to create resilient, scalable applications
    -Create fault-tolerant applications
  • Become better acquainted with Elixir code and see how it is structured to build and develop functional programs
  • Learn the basics of functional programming
  • Gain an understanding of effective OTP principles
  • Design program-distributed applications and systems
  • Write and create branching statements in Elixir
  • Learn to do more with less using Elixir’s metaprogramming
  • Be familiar with the facilities Elixir provides for metaprogramming, macros, and extending the Elixir language


Kenny Ballou

Kenny Ballou is a life-long learner, developer, mathematician, and overall thinker. He enjoys solving problems, learning about technologies, and discussing new and different ideas.

He graduated from the Boise State University, majoring in applied mathematics, and minoring in computer science. He has been programming professionally for nearly a decade, and is currently working as a software developer for an analytics company in the Boise, Idaho area.

Apart from developing professionally, he is active in the open source community, contributing where he can.

When he is not developing, he enjoys reading, learning, and shredding the local mountains.

You can read more from him on his blog at https://kennyballou.com, check out his code on GitHub at https://github.com/kennyballou/, and follow him on Twitter at @kennyballou.

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