Learning from Clojure?

I have read one book about Clojure and enjoyed it.

Is there anyone here familiar enough with Clojure that could suggest a bunch of things which Elixir devs could profitably pinch?

I think Clojure & Elixir are estranged half brothers - suspect there’s a lot of nice ideas which have been learnt there over the years.

Some features of Elixir are greatly influenced by Clojure ideas, such as how Protocols work, and while Elixir is not homoiconic, its macro system definitely was influenced by the Lisps out there as well.

What I would really like, is to be able to use something akin to multimethods in Elixir. Also, Clojure allows for unrestricted operator overloading, which is something that I personally find lacking in Elixir, but that is something most other Elixir developers disagree with :smile: (there is a very limited set of ‘allowed’ unbound operators that you could use for something, but even then using or overriding them is frowned upon by many people because of the expectation of newcomers that all operators also work in guard clauses).

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Also mix:

It is heavily inspired by the Leiningen build tool for Clojure and is written by one of its contributors.


Wow I didn’t realise that! Nice that they gave props to Leiningen like that