Learning resource for API with Phoenix 1.6?

Pretty much every resource I can find is out of date to some extent or another. There aren’t a ton of substantial changes but enough that trying to navigate them as a beginner is extremely frustrating. That said, anyone have any suggestions for learning material to create a JSON API in phoenix ~1.6? Ideally including stuff like authentication, ecto, etc

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I am looking for some more systematic resource / upgrade guide for phoenix 1.6 either.
It would be very helpful if there is a tutorial / book related to this.

Api design has not changed a lot, the major changes are for liveview. Old documentation should still be valid.

Authentication is different and use token. You should also consider CORS.

And the module phx.gen.auth is not adapted for Api, You have to adapt the code.

There is also GraphQL, which is a nice way to deisgn Api, it’s a personal taste.