Let's #TalkConcurrency Exclusive Interviews

We launched our #TalkConcurrency interviews yesterday with Sir Tony Hoare (I know right :star_struck:). Let us know what you think!

Full details and transcript: https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/let-s-talkconcurrency-with-sir-tony-hoare.html

We have more to follow in the next coming weeks from Joe Armstrong and Carl Hewitt too.


Oo these look good - can’t wait to see them all :003:


And here’s the second if you haven’t stumbled across it already, with Erlang co-creator Joe Armstrong.


*Transcript is included too


Really nice interview @joeerl! Once again, thanks for all the work you’ve been through to get the BEAM to the point it is today, it’s just awesome! :smiley:

In the world of programming, the vast majority of all programming languages make it very easy to write sequential programs and very difficult to write concurrent programs. My goal was to make it very easy to write concurrent programs. Consequently, it might be a bit more difficult to write sequential programs. Of course, when multi-cores came along, what we had done then mapped very well onto parallel programs.

I hope other language programmers don’t take too much time to realize this, that could save a lot of time and money.


That’s very kind of you. Thanks.

Actually, it was “and a cast of dozens … hundreds” I don’t think @rvirding and I ever imagined that what we did 33 years ago would have such an impact.

Great to see our ideas being expanded upon and improved.




Fantastic interview Joe! And thanks for posting @ErlangSolutions :023:

I loved this bit:

We were in this rather strange position of thinking, “Hang on. The rest of the world is completely wrong and we are right. We’re doing it the right way.”


I hugely admire those who break moulds and don’t just follow norms - it’s what truly helps with progress - and we need more people like that in the world!

Thank you Joe, Robert, Mike and everyone else who has worked on Erlang/OTP - we love you! :049:


Such a great interview from Joe :smiley: We’re super lucky to be working with Joe, and Tony…and now Carl!

So published the Carl Hewitt interview today ! Here it is:


That’s the last of the individual interviews but we have a very special panel discussion up next. We also want your views. What sort of content would you like next?! We’ll start up a thread on the forum and will link it here as well!


I love how he reveres Dijkstra so much - and he himself is a giant…


Chuffed by the response from our #TalkConcurrency campaign. We’ve had so much fun doing it as well. We have another surprise coming soon :shushing_face:


Here is a full panel discussion with Sir Tony hoare, Joe Armstrong and Carl Hewitt:

Full details and transcript: https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/let-s-talkconcurrency-panel-discussion-with-sir-tony-hoare-joe-armstrong-and-carl-hewitt.html

Kudos to Francesco Cesarini as the host!