Letsencrypt (acme) library for phoenix projects

Hi there!

I started writing an acme client since I couldn’t find any client written in elixir. The acme protocol is used by letsencrypt to obtain free ssl certificates. Would be really nice to have a lib that handles all the ssl certificate things when booting your phoenix application, right?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to correctly sign the requests with JWK and JWS. So if anyone out there knows how this works I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:!

There one client written in ruby that I got inspired by.


Personally I would just use jose for such signing purposes.

Looking forward to your client though! I’ve been thinking of making an ACME client myself since I’ve not found another and I’m glad that I do not need to now. ^.^


I already added jose as a dependency. I tried some signing locally but didn’t figure it out yet. Do you have any idea how to use it correctly to follow the ACME Specification?

There needs to be a private and a public key in the JWK format and that key is needed to sign the request. I want to use HTTPoison for the requests.


I have done that before but only once and I do not have the code on hand (and it worked by accident to be honest, it was a quick thing). Maybe look at how the Guardian library on how it uses it as it does use it.