Leverage Phoenix Presences and track user activity

Hey all.

Been working with Phoenix since this summer and am just loving it :slight_smile:

I’m looking for ways to leverage Phoenix Presence to log user activity and eventually be able to answer questions like: which users spend most time on what channels. what are the times when users are most frequently logged in.

Currently I’m thinking I can simply save to a database (postgresql) join / leave timestamps, and from there derive activity. I’ve never done anything like this before, anyone with experience here chime in or point me in a right direction?

Phoenix Presence seems incredibly powerful tool to solve this problem and I’d love to hear any suggestions on what people here with experience have done :smiley: Thank you for any help!

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So, hmm, Postgres might work or might not work. This really depends on your set up and the way you’ll collect the data, how much data there’s going to be etc.

There’s a specialized database, however, for time series data. You might want to have a look at https://www.influxdata.com/ InfluxDb. I can’t tell if it’s right choice for you but does not hurt to investigate.

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Thank you. do you have any other recommendations for databases?

I realize now this is a very general question, not Phoenix / Elixir specific at all. What do you mean by collect data? Fire off async database inserts on presence_diff events is what I was thinking. I definitely need to give this more thought.