Lib to analyze url


My app allows users to store url.
As an example, for a song, a use can store a link to YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, etc…

Do you know a lib capable of extracting the provider (Deezer, Spotify,…), the provider is (like the video I’d in YouTube), maybe more like the publication date ?


Erlang can parse a URL to extract host:

:http_uri.parse ''
{:ok, {:http, [], '', 80, '/doc/man/http_uri.html', []}}
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You can use Elixir for that as well via URI module. It will return Elixir struct instead of tuple though.

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There’s a difference though, Elixir does not validate the URL and expects it to be valid, Erlang does validate it and will give meaningful feedback if anything’s wrong.

Yeah, sure.
I juste have found

It’s really near my use case