Libraries or approaches to reading contents of OpenDocument Sheets?

Hi folks!

I’m wondering if anyone has come across a library or has an approach in mind on how to read and stream the contents (basic or otherwise) of an OpenDocument Sheet (ods) document?

Xlsxir gives me an idea of how do this if I were to write a library by hand but wondering/hoping that someone else from the community has maybe already found something that works?

Cheers and thanks,

To add - how about any classic XLS libraries to read pre-XLSX era files?

No clue if that will help you but I tried this search: Packages | Hex

Maybe you’ll find something useful.

Classic. I had done my due diligence here through the forum before posting, but had not considered Hex of course.

Thanks @dimitarvp

@jesselatham what do you think is the best approach to this problem? I don’t have experience with these libs that interact with Excel/LibreOffice so I’m clueless.

Do they package commands and send it to the command line utility? I know libreoffice --calc boots a calc doc. I believe this is the approach GitHub - gutschilla/elixir-pdf-generator: Create PDFs with wkhtmltopdf or puppeteer/chromium from Elixir. takes.