Library similar to Python PIL/Pillow?

Hi everyone,
I have an old project that I did prototyping in in Python and was thinking about bringing it over to Elixir and add some new features/polish it up.

The part that I haven’t found a good replacement for is the image libraries PIL/Pillow in Python that give a simple way to create images (png specific in my case) in specific dimensions, with color, text, and various fonts. I searched a bit but came up empty, does anything like that exist in the elixir ecosystem?


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maybe this is any use? I use ImageMagick directly

If you want to draw


Thanks cenotaph!

That I found but I was hoping for something more than a wrapper around imagemagick. Imagemagick is a great tool but more than a command line call out for this project is what I am looking for.

You might be interested in these then: