Limit logs in production environment

As you can see in the below screenshot, the env is set to production.

But, still, I’m seeing detailed logs in the console. Is this intended behaviour?

This is my config/prod.exs file

import Config

# Configures Swoosh API Client
config :swoosh, api_client: Swoosh.ApiClient.Finch, finch_name: Socket.Finch

# Disable Swoosh Local Memory Storage
config :swoosh, local: false

# Do not print debug messages in production
config :logger, level: :info

# Runtime production configuration, including reading
# of environment variables, is done on config/runtime.exs.

This also includes info log… and above

but not the debug log level

If You want to hide info log in production, You could set the log level to :notice


Yeah, setting it to notice helps in my case.

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By the way, running mix phx.server in production isn’t the best approach. Take a look at mix release.


Hi @hauleth Thanks for your input. But running with the release just keeps the shell idle.
Nothing else is happening.

export MIX_ENV=prod && PORT=4000 _build/prod/rel/socket/bin/socket start

Well, then you should start with that. Phoenix has good docs on how to Dockerize an app, plus it even has a generator. Have you compared your Dockerfile with it?

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I’m not using docker. I’m using Ubuntu VPS and systems to manage the process

Ah oops, sorry.

And yes you should use mix release.


This is after running mix release

Yes, I saw that. My point was: did you check journalctl? You said that you used systemd?

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It’s just blank. Nothing is happening.

Just to be crystal clear: are you running mix release on the production server?

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Yes I do

Do You set the required environment variables?

It is mandatory when running in release mode

Yes i did, I set PORT and MIX_ENV=prod

I was expecting more variables…


but if it works with mix in prod, it should be ok too


Yeah, it works. There is not much actually. One API Route which broadcasts using channels.