LindyFeed: A Community-Curated Modern Library, Built with Phoenix LiveView

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share our startup which we are building using live view, and get your thoughts on it.

LindyFeed is a community-curated modern library, where you can discover all types of great resources - books, videos, podcasts, articles, etc. - and their creators on the topics you are interested in. It is like Goodreads with all media types.

With LindyFeed, you can:

  • Find curated content on your favorite people or topics. You can follow people, topics or collections you are interested in and see when related resources are added.
  • Find recommended resources and collections from experts and top performers.
  • Save resources to check them out later, track the finished ones, or bookmark your favorites. You can also organize your library by creating your own collections to find your resources easily at any time. And make the ones you like public and share them with others.
  • Add your favorite resources and share them with your friends and the community.

You can check out the growing list of resources and people in Programming, Elixir, Phoenix or Decision Making, Bitcoin, Startup & many more topics. If there are any resources, people or topics you think we are missing, please let me know and we’ll add them. Or you can directly add them yourselves - we would love to have you in our community.

I’m the technical founder and live view has helped us a lot in the development process, both in terms of speed and joy. We had some issues, but it was worth it. If you have any questions regarding our use of live view, please feel free to ask me. I’ll do my best to answer them!

As a long time follower of this community, I highly appreciate your feedback! Would you be interested in using such a platform?

And of course, a big thanks to Jose Valim, Chris McCord and all other contributors of open-source. Thank you for creating a joyful developer experience and enabling us to build this platform!


Hey, @avergin

Congrats on launching. Looks really good and snappy!

I like the idea, and it could be go to source for finding interesting things. One comment, if I may :slight_smile: it would be cool, if i could filter differnt types of resources/collestions in my feed.

Also, when i press load more button, i stay at the bottom of the page, not where new content is loaded.

Best of luck with the project!

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Thanks a lot, @magnetic! That really motivated us :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a great idea :+1: However, we are using Stream to generate the feed, and unfortunately, they do not offer a great deal of customization. Implementing our own feed system is a priority and we’ll definitely implement filtering for greater control over your feed.

Sorry about that, could you please share which browser you are using and at which page or pages did that occur? Does it occur on all “load more” paginations (topics, people, resources)?

Sure, I am using Microsoft Edge, but it’s the same on Chrome. It happen on Load More button on feed page. On other pages it works as expected(page is on the spot i pressed the button, and content loads below)

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Thanks for the report! We fixed it :slightly_smiling_face:

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