Line98 game on Phoenix Live View

Hello Elixir Community,

I would like to show you the Line98 game that fully written on Phoenix Live View.

It was my first game in development, and I was curious to see if I could make a game with animation and without JavaScript. It seems to be possible :smile:

Very glad to bring it live and would be happy to receive any feedback :+1:

Also you can take a look at source code on github.



wow, i just played it. kudos.



Nice one! I’m :3rd_place_medal:in the Leaderboard :sunglasses:

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Good job! I will try to set a record later today :slight_smile:

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great work!

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Ho-ho, great result! :+1:

I’m unable to un-select a ball once selected. Is this a design decision?

Looks awesome.

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Yeah, you’re right, it was designed like this. You can’t pick another ball if you’ve already picked one. But you’re not the first person to ask me that, I’ll try to change it :wink:

bua ha ha ha, that’s not 100% true - it’s possible already :077:

It’s partially why I got such score at my 2nd game.

wow, you’re fast! :crazy_face: I just deployed the changes.

Now you can change the selected ball :fireworks:

Nope, as said it was possible when I started to play (when send screenshot). :smiley:

Ahh, yeah :+1: it was some trick with not founded path :wink:

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Not sure if you know, but there are actually 2 tricks to do that.

One is to click on place when bouncing ball can’t enter (it’s probably what you referenced to).

However there is also second. The “hack” works by simply clicking on small ball (which will spawn when you move bigger ball). On that place your big ball can’t enter as well + you do not need to create a separated empty space (which may be filled by small ball) which saves lots of your moves in long-term play.


Great game! I managed to get on the leaderboard :smiley:

How on earth did Nica get over 1100 points tho :flushed: :lol:

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Sorry @AstonJ, but you are no longer there. :077:

I guess me and maybe bonf will do something similar soon. There are few tactics for this simple game, but sometimes there is just unlucky case when balls are spawning where they should not. :slight_smile:



I nearly burnt my food earlier cos I was playing it :043:

Would be cool if diagonally counted too, as well as any colours touching at the time you get a row of 5 :smiley:


If so scores would be at least 100x bigger. :smiley:


I’m back on it - 470 :003:

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