Linear Regressions with Scholar and library for summary statistics, traditional methods

When I run a Linear regression with Scholar, I am able to obtain the coef and intercepts, but how may I obtain an Rsquared value, confidence intervals, etc. Something similar to Python’s statsmodels library or scikitlearn.stats ? Please do give any recommendations for good elixir statistic libraries. I really have been enjoying the capabilities of livebook and explorer, it seems many of the tools are ML focused but I really would like to use statistics with Elixir instead of dropping back to Python or R.

I had luck digging through the docs and found an r2 function here in the Scholar.Metrics module: Scholar.Metrics.Regression — Scholar v0.2.1 . Very nice, I think there just needs to be more tutorials and easy to show docs for what anyone doing some statistical stuff will need.

If you want to put a livebook guide together and submit a PR, we’d be happy to review it!