Ling on AWS with elixir

Wondering if anyone has been able to get ling and AWS working in some reasonable way.


Please don’t assume everyone knows what you are talking about. I do personally about AWS meaning amazon web store, but since I neither use AWS nor do know what ling is or might be, I probably can’t answer your question.

On the same time, I might probably interested in what ling is about, but as it is a chinese surname, a german suffix sillable and allot of other stuff, it is not googleable for me.


It is a VM that runs Erlang VM compiled code (beam files) on the XEN virtual machine.

I would argue that the topic is easily searchable by “Elixir ling” or “Erlang ling”, though I understand your comment’s intention was educational. :slight_smile:


AWS probably refers to Amazon Web Services.

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You see? Who can keep all these TLAs¹ in his mind? Isn’t it quite logical that there might get things confused?

¹: Three Letter Acronyms; just for the sake of obeying my own rules :wink:


@jschoch I think I can answer your question since I tried to do that about 4 months ago. I wanted to use XEN with Elixir on AWS but after researching and contacting some people I finally spoke to the maintainer of lingex which was done by the LING team.

He told me that the project has been abandoned and that even if I wanted to use it that in order to build the XEN image it would require the use of a web service they no longer maintained (I think it wasn’t even running properly on the server anymore) and that the only way to produce the image was if I built the and hosted the web service myself.

All in all the guy pretty much said that using Elixir on XEN would be very difficult or even impossible which is a shame really.


I was going to ask what Ling was as well. I have added the link to the first post from @aboroska’s.



In the pursuit of serverless, ling seems very appealing. I love AWS Lambda, but I hate the language choices. I’d love to try to build an AWS Lambda for elixir!!!

If anyone is interested in this please let me know.

a few things i’ve been thinking about

The AWS API gateway could be used, but maybe even better you could decouple phoenix’s router into a frontend.
Removing function to function json serialization would be a nice benefit to a 100% elixir solution. I’m not sure what the security implications are though.


Could you please explain what AWS Lambda is and how it is related with XEN/Ling? I’ve heard some things about it allowing the creation of serverless architectures?

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AWS Lambda is an event driven server less computing service. It supports Python, Node, Java, but no functional languages. There are some hacks to be able to spin up other languages. It removes most all of the burden of patching, setup, configuration. You just provide a function that can listen to an event and respond. No servers. Lambda works great for the supported languages, but I don’t enjoy using any of them.

Ling’s ability to spin up quickly would seem to be able to provide similar functionality if it worked with elixir and was not dead.


Please check out this interesting read with a great explanation of FaaS, AWS Labda, serverless architecture considerations: