Links from Phoenix app show up in Bing


i´m not sure where to ask. And i don´t think it has anything to do with Phoenix.

At the moment we are doing a testrun with some customers and sample data. It seems that some paths in the app suddenly show up in bing search results. Clicking just leads to login page. But the strange thing is, that it is not possible from outside to get to these links (for example from outside. The login page is separated with put_layout(conn, false). And it seems only to affect users with windows 10 OS.

What can the reason be? Is it possible that Edge Browser shares urls used in the Browser with bing search results?

P.S We use noindex, nofollow

Exactly this.

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Same is google and chrome, that’s why in our company we have all stagings servers and not yet released products (or internal tools) behind basic auth , and that’s seems to do the trick :wink: