List of all default ecto changeset errors for internationalization

Hello, I am working on a Phoenix app that needs to work with a few different languages. I really appreciate that gettext works out of the box. It is a nice experience. I was just wondering if there is a list of default ecto changeset errors? I have been translating the errors as I see them come up in my forms (ex: “can’t be blank”) but I think I may be missing some that might come up in the future. Would be cool to have a repo with translations for different laguages so we don’t all have to do this ourselves everytime. I would contribute for sure!

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Now I realize that if you generate a phoenix app it comes with this file but because have an umbrella app and I generated my phoenix project with --no-ecto it didn’t have it. Later I added ecto for form validations but I still kept the database in another app. Anyway thanks for the answer!!