List of Elixir and Erlang books


I am compiling a list of Elixir and Erlang books.

It is here:

Did I miss any?




You might have missed some :slight_smile:

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i found this

hope its helpful.


Thanks. I will add them.

One doubt: can I say that Phoenix books are Elixir books?

Sure. There are some books there I missed.

As You have included Programming Phoenix, I would say yes… but it is your list :slight_smile:

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Well, I am asking for your opinion. At first, I thought: yes, Phoenix books are Elixir books. But I am not so sure…

You might as well remove the ecto book in that case, but I think they all are related to Elixir programming. IMHO I would add them.

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OK, I will keep Ecto, Phoenix and (if they appear) all books related to Erlang or Elixir frameworks.

List updated with all (I hope) suggestions: