Live dashboard 'undefined' html nodes in metrics view

On a relatively new phoenix app created with LiveView, I see the following error in the Live Dashboard metrics view:

Also see the following errors in the console:


What’s supposed to be rendered that’s undefined, so I can dig into what I may be missing?

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Is there any chance your Phoenix installer is slightly out of date? Can you run mix hex.outdated and make sure you are on latest phoenix_live_view and phoenix_live_dashboard?

Thanks @josevalim, that was it. Had to update phoenix_live_view from 0.12.x to 0.13.x. Also updated the phoenix_live_dashboard to the latest 0.2.6

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0.14 is out for live view and there is a more recent dashboard, so if you want to jump to latest, now is probably a good time! :slight_smile:


Works like a charm. Thanks!