Live Reload isn't updating assets

I’ve set up a new Phoenix project with Elm for the front end. Everything is fine so that when I update my Elm files, the changes are detected, Live Reload runs and the page is refreshed - except without the new content.

So I am having to run mix phx.digest in order for the changes to be picked up and trigger another reload.

This extra step is not a major issue, but I haven’t had to do it in previous projects, so I’m wondering if there is a config setting or something that I have missed/forgotten about, or maybe something in webpack?

I’ve compared against previous projects where I don’t need to do this, and can’t see anything off.

Phoenix 1.5.4
Webpack 4.41.5


Fixed it by setting gzip: false in Endpoint.ex although the comments are misleading:

  # Serve at "/" the static files from "priv/static" directory.
  # You should set gzip to true if you are running phx.digest
  # when deploying your static files in production.

They only refer to production so it isn’t clear that this also affects development.