Live view fallback with no websocket?


I used liveviews for a website. Everything works fine and the technology is really great. But I’m running into troubles with some customers behind proxy that won’t let websockets through properly.
With regular websockets, I have the option to enable longpolling for them. Is there a way to enable longpolling for live view too as a fallback (with a heavy performance hit, I’m aware, but better than nothing at all) ?

It’s the same way you fallback to long polling when using channels. The LiveSocket constructor accepts the same options as Phoenix.Socket


Indeed, I tried passing the longpolling parameter and it works in my dev environment (using Firefox and disabling the websocket with dev tools to test). Thanks !
But it does not work in production, it seems the fallback does not occur and the websocket keeps trying to connect. Maybe it’s because the server is behind HAProxy (yes, proxy on server side and proxy on client side, the joy of corporate environments). I will try to check with the hosting team.
My next option is to enable SSL to force the proxy to leave the websocket alone.
I’m marking your answer as a solution, since it works with normal cases…