Livebook inside regular editor

Hey, I was using jupyter notebooks and discovered that I was able to use it inside VS Code, with GitHub Copilot and it was a great experience. Do you know if there is something similar for Livebook or something like that for the future?

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This exists as GitHub - josecfreittas/vscode-livebook: An extension to add support for `.livemd` files and run a Livebook instance inside your VSCode but it was archived. One of the known issues was that Livebook can’t live inside an iframe but I believe Livebook is already using iframes. There may be compatibility issues as iframe within an iframe can be problematic.

I haven’t used that extension very much but it was rather functional when I used it in early 2022. Livebook internals have made some shifts that may make it worth reviving the plugin.

I’d also love more official guidance as I have numerous ideas for embedding but haven’t worked through all the limitations.

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I created an issue for better external support about 2 years ago, but it was closed because that was not the most important priority then. Maybe if we reopen there might be more interest?

Livebooks run inside iframes now, so folks can give it a try again. :slight_smile: but we are a small team and it is still unlikely we can prioritize this, but it is more likely we can provide support for those willing to navigate these waters.


Hey Jose, it should be something that I would try in terms of contribution but my pace would be definitely slow