Livebook kino explorer throws error rendering dataframe

Hi friends,

I’ve set up a docker instance with the latest livebook v0.9.1 image and I’ve run into an error when creating an explorer dataframe.

I expect the smartcell to render below the code, but the console throws this error:

app.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) Error: The loaded iframe content doesn't have the expected checksum

Here is a screen cap of the problem

I also stood up a new livebook instace on and interestingly that crashes when trying to install explorer. Not sure how related this is.

Any ideas how I can try to debug this before I create an issue?

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It’s not a problem with the dataset, just generating a simple DF also errors

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There should be an iframe in the page, where the output is expected. Can you find it using the browser inspector and access its src? Where does it point to? I am also wondering if you have an extension that could be modifying the iframe. Can you try in incognito mode?

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You can also use Livebook itself to validate the iframe signature. Add :req as a dependency and then:

resp = Req.get!("")
Base.encode64 :crypto.hash :sha256, req.body

Livebook expects it to be: vd7g1B8fLBFZH6C6KNpG4H8B0SQ/oIuqKaTW6jD053A=

But please check you are indeed downloading that iframe. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately incognito doesn’t make a difference.

It seems there are no iframe elements in the document?

The only reference I find to them in the source is in the cell that raises the error:

<div id="js-output-fkohxozn4bdhb7tonmpvgmtutdsjns3e-fkohxozn4bdhb7tonmpvgmtutdsjns3e" phx-hook="JSView" phx-update="ignore" data-ref="fkohxozn4bdhb7tonmpvgmtutdsjns3e" data-assets-base-path="/public/sessions/qfg6hzynirtsrajrafs5wgabng4uk27tmel54eqf/assets/fqenfgef7b2d3vq54jl42hh4ma/" data-js-path="main.js" data-session-token="SFMyNTY.g2gDdAAAAAJkAAljbGllbnRfaWRtAAAAIDJmZGtsaGg0bTJqbTZneDdpeWNyaGVmNnR2a3F2M3Z6ZAAKc2Vzc2lvbl9pZG0AAAAocWZnNmh6eW5pcnRzcmFqcmFmczV3Z2Fibmc0dWsyN3RtZWw1NGVxZm4GAEkfEnqHAWIAAVGA.jOpp23h5kbVYv1-oLyRsYlKKEMeLY4G5d3LGpHtxnjs" data-connect-token="SFMyNTY.g2gDdAAAAAFkAANwaWRYZAAlZDIydnJ5cmYtbGl2ZWJvb2tfc2VydmVyQHBkcHN0cmFja2luZwAAB8UAAAAAZDfRg24GAEkfEnqHAWIAAVGA.G-aGQIXA87QUfBUfM4PnM0Q2ZhDHVtprhgWwdwTSW28" data-iframe-local-port="8081" data-timeout-message="Not available" data-phx-component="19">
<div></div><input style="display: none;"></div>

I found the problem, it had to do with my having previously set up a netsh interface portproxy forwarding to 8080 in WSL that I forgot all about.

This was obviously interrupting the iframe creation in the livebook.

Deleting the forwarding solved the issue.

Apologies for the XY problem.