Livebook Neural Nets - No ETag found on the resource

I just got around to playing around with the Neural Net smart cells in Livebook. It seems some tasks work e.g., I can use Whisper to do some text-to-speech, but selecting any of the models under text generation and text classification yields,

** (MatchError) no match of right hand side value: {:error, "no ETag found on the resource"}
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:498: :erl_eval.expr/6
    #cell:6xolcfb32fch5g2ofmj6mx35lfts7xoq:1: (file)

Just wanted to post here to see if anyone’s run into this or had any suggestions on what this might be. Thanks in advance!

Hey @seeplusplus, this is because of a change in repository names. It’s fixed in latest :bumblebee and :kino_bumblebee. You can update your notebook deps to use {:kino_bumblebee, "~> 0.5.0"} : )


I had the same problem, very helpful. Thank you!


A little screencast for those who just started with LiveBook and don’t know how to update the deps.