LiveUI - macros for building live views to manage db records

Hi everyone,

I wrote this over the past year while learning Elixir. It started when I tried to reuse the code between generated scaffolds so I added more stuff that is common in these kind of tools.

Here are some of the features:

  • autogenerated views for CRUD operations
  • basic protocol implementation with sensible defaults
  • sortable tables with pagination
  • inline editing
  • advanced search form
  • format values with css, functions and components
  • handles ownership to current user
  • handles relations
  • handles file uploads
  • support to override functions for data processing
  • support to override live view callbacks
  • custom actions for operations on single and multiple records
  • audit with record versioning
  • dark and light mode
  • debug mode that displays socket assigns

I hope you find it useful and I look forward to your feedback!


Is there any online demo. How does it behave like an admin panel ?

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Yes, it is similar to Activeadmin or Kaffy.

There is no online demo yet but you can run demo app locally:

There is a sample aplication bundled with the project that has all these set up, just run mix ecto.setup to generate some random data and start the server with iex -S mix phx.server. Admin credentials are

List records:

Inline edit in record view:

Custom action on multiple records:

Custom action on a single record: