LiveView 0.16 Question: How do you pass Components with .heex files in component/2?

Currently the tasks do not create 0.16 Phoenix.Component modals - what gets generated is still using :live_component.

I know it’s pretty early so that’s fine. I’m trying to learn 0.16 by converting it, and I’ve hit a wall.

The mix task typically does CRUD by creating a modal logic.

Now I’ve made changes so that it’s using 0.16 components for rendering.

My question is at this point:

... modal code ...
<%= component @component, @opts %>

I understand that @component has to be a 1-arity render function.
What the example had in (sigil_H)[Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers — Phoenix LiveView v0.16.0] was when you had the ~H usage inside a module.

Well then, how do you pass in a component to component/2 which has its counterpart .heex file?

Do I pass a rendering function of that component module - one that takes in an assign, and then run render/2 inside that function? Seems too roundabout for me - so I don’t think that’s it.

Thanks in advance. Excited to work with 0.16!