LiveView: any plans to use the approach for mobile apps?

Hi everyone.
LiveView is pure magic, I’m really impressed.

Has the team considered using the approach for mobile apps as well?
Things have changed quite a bit, and now the declarative UI for mobile apps is a lot more possible.

The fact that mobile platforms use different languages (Kotlin and Swift, at least) makes server-side rendering twice as attractive - because you don’t have to use the platform-specific language.

What do you think?

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you have elixir-desktop elixir-desktop · GitHub which is running elixir on the device/computer and showing a webview…

then you have LiveView Native: - which is liveview rendered native app - still early days here…

it’s been more than alluded multiple times that in the future liveview native might go the route of running elixir on the device and rendering native ui that way (instead of from the server, for low latency/offline etc)…


Dockyard is leading some of the developments in that regards:

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Thank you for the links. Does the liveview native require running elixir on mobile devices? Because my proposition doesn’t require that at all.

Nope, it doesn’t require running Elixir on device.

Watch the YouTube video, the approach is much more fleshed out and mature.

Nice, didn’t know that had already been cooking, gonna use it!


No commits in any branch for two months, hope the project didnt stall :open_mouth:

What about PWAs with LiveView?

@olivermt there’s several repos, I see commits between 5 and 18 days ago depending on which one you look at… :slight_smile:

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Ohh thats cool!