Liveview App with an interactive part

my page will need some client-side interactivity. The people will watch videos (maybe self hosted, maybe from other sides, not decided yet) and add annotations to these videos. They will also record small videos themselves or record their voice (i.e. javascript video player, probably video or voice recorder and these different components need to interact with each other [I want to know at which time of the video the user is making his annotation]). I am not sure if it is nicer to upload all annotations as soon as the user makes them, or if he can do his annotating work and in the end “publish” to the server.
Others can review these annotations and do some analytics on them (i.e. javascript plotting, listening to the annotations etc.). This is all pretty web-appy I’d say and well suited for React (or could this kind of stuff be well done with liveview?). How easy would it be to do the whole side in Liveview and just have this part rendered through react?