LiveView File Upload - Flush errors and reset

Hi everyone,

I have implemented a file upload with live view.
I follow pretty much the basics, except of having a custom upload-writer.

What I figured out is the following:

  1. When having a live_file_input
  2. And set allow_upload with max_entries: 2
  3. Then, uploading two files successfully
  4. And then, being within the same LiveView, adding again a file to the upload
  5. Then the error comes up: :too_many_files - so even when the max files of two just were uploaded successfully, the next upload is counted as third file…

This should not be the case. Somehow, after every successful upload, the entries are not cleared or the errors not flushed.

This prevents from consecutive uploads.

In order to solve that, the live-view has to be re-mounted (reloaded) then the upload works again.

There is the option to disallow_upload/2 - but that does not work (tried to disallow and re-allow again)

What I miss, is the option that the upload is re-initialized when all uploads are done, or manually to reset or re-init the upload after all went successfully.

Can everyone reproduce that or did I something wrong?
Any hint appreciated.


If anyone ever runs into that problem, you probably haven’t implemented consume_upload_entries/3 in your lv.

It’s not obvious as long if you do not read the documentation carefully, where everything is totally fine explained.

Consumes the uploaded entries.
Raises when there are still entries in progress. Typically called when submitting a form to handle the uploaded entries alongside the form data. For form submissions, it is guaranteed that all entries have completed before the submit event is invoked. Once entries are consumed, they are removed from the upload.

You need to invoke that function to clean up the uploaded entries… this function incorporates the flushing and clean up and everything.

have fun… there is always a solution to everything… :smiley:

And if you use the option auto_upload: true then sth like this does the trick:

@impl Phoenix.LiveView
def handle_event("cancel_upload", %{"ref" => ref}, socket) do
  socket = socket |> cancel_upload(:files, ref)

  case socket.assigns.uploads.files.entries |> Enum.all?(& &1.done?) do
    true ->
      consume_uploaded_entries(socket, :files, fn _res, _entryy -> {:ok, nil} end)

        |> assign(:all_uploads_done, true)
        |> put_flash(:info, "All files uploaded")}

    false ->
      {:noreply, socket}