LiveView file upload test

I’m trying to test a file upload:

    file =
      file_input(view, "#profile_pic_upload", :profile_pic, [
          last_modified: '1_624_366_053_000',
          name: "profile_test.png",
          size: 269_280,
          type: "image/png"

    assert render_upload(file, "foo.png") =~ "100%"

But I keep getting this error:

** (ArgumentError) expected selector "#profile_pic_upload input[type=\"file\"][name=\"profile_pic\"]" to return a single element, but got none within:

But the HTML returned seems to contain that specific element:

<input accept=".jpg,.jpeg,.png" data-phx-active-refs="" data-phx-done-refs="" data-phx-preflighted-refs="" data-phx-update="ignore" data-phx-upload-ref="phx-Fors3j71WxhLhgGi" id="profile_pic_upload" name="profile_pic" phx-hook="Phoenix.LiveFileUpload" type="file"/>

So why is it unable to find the selector? Is there something I need to do to be more explicit?

For some context, I’m not actually trying to test the upload percentage, I’m just working through the docs. I am trying to populate the field with a file, submit the form to test some logic that my LiveView performs when a profile is updated with a profile picture. If there is another way to submit a form with a file attached, or fake it, I’m all ears!

I think that instead of doing

file_input(view, "#profile_pic_upload", ...)

you should do

file_input(view, "#my_form_containing_profile_pic_upload", ...)

Let us know if it works!

Thanks @cblavier that definitely gets the correct field input.
Now I’m getting an error:

** (exit) exited in:<0.802.0>, {:chunk, "profile_test.png", 100, #PID<0.800.0>, #Phoenix.LiveViewTest.Element<selector: "#account_form input[type=\"file\"][name=\"profile_pic\"]", text_filter: nil, ...>}, 5000)
 ** (EXIT) shutdown: :closed

But I assume that’s related to something else.

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What version of LiveView are you running currently? In the latest release we should be catching this exit for you.

Note that you do not need to pass size if you are passing the content, as we’ll calculate the correct byte_size for you. You may be passing a mismatched size which we aren’t handling


Thank you so much that was the exact issue. I wish I could mark two answers as solutions!