LiveView for production

I’ll be starting a project next week and yet to decide what to use for the frontend. I know live-view is still on its early stages but are there anyone using it now for production? I wanted to go less JS as possible(no SPA) as SEO is important for me.

Any suggestions? I’m currently considering going Phoenix with live view or a graphql phoenix backend with a Nuxt frontend.

A lot of the underlying technologies are fairly mature, but the library is not even published on Hex yet. That gives you an indicator that it is still under heavy development, and not considered “ready” for large-scale adoption. There could conceivably be radical changes to the API that would be hard to adapt to.

For myself, I’m probably going to use it on my current side project, but that isn’t likely to become a real business. I wouldn’t use it at work yet. One issue that I consider quite significant for many use cases is that all state is lost when the server restarts; if a user is in the middle of filling in a big form and you deploy a new version, their view will reset entirely and the local state in their browser is lost. You can mitigate this with hot deployment but that imposes a significant complexity burden as it is very difficult, maybe impossible to properly test the state migrations.


Thanks @jeremyjh. I was under the impression that things have settled already but yes, there could really be changes that may happen.

That is indeed a pretty big hit to user experience. Would implementing a copy of the state to the client a possible case here? I’ll be watching closely the development of this.

Again. thanks!