LiveView issues in Safari iOS 14.2

Run into an interesting one today whilst testing an in-development site: LiveView seems to be completely toast in Safari on iOS 14.2. None of the form interactions makes it to the server (viewing the live logs from mix phx.server)

Same sites works perfectly across other devices (iPad (Safari), Mac (Safari, FireFox, Chrome) & Windows (FireFox, Chrome)) and on the problem iPhone in FireFox & Chrome - but not Safari.

Now, it’s almost certainly an Apple/iOS/Safari bug but has anyone else run into this yet?

I’ll test on my wife’s phone when she gets home and see whether it’s an “iPhone issue” or an “iOS 14.2 issue”.

Never mind!

Turns out 14.2 turns on “Block All Cookies” by default :man_facepalming:

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well only cross-site cookies I assume?

No, mine had “Block All Cookies” after the update. May have been something to do with being on developer profile and then uninstalling it.

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