LiveView Native v0.2.0-beta released

I’m happy to announce that we’ve release the first beta of Live View Native v0.2.0. This is the version we’re recommending that people use.

Installation guides are on hexdocs but I also created an installation video:

Please use and abuse it, we want to battle test it leading to v0.2.0 final.


Amazing work! - can only imagine the perseverance needed from you and the entire team!


@bcardarella I was clever enough to choose a path for native client connect eg. “napp” (instead of default “/”)
and it then struggled as the generated code:
LiveView(.automatic(URL(string: "")!))

connects to “/” on localhost/dev - I ended up with this code:
LiveView(.automatic(development: .localhost(path: "napp"), production: .custom(URL(string: "")!)))

so some friction there for people opting for a “path” - lot’s of implicitness in the default code - more explicit in the code I posted… but of course the best solution is for the lvn team to decide…

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That’s fair, my focus has been on the Elixir side and we can certainly be less implicit on the client


v0.2.0-beta.2 released: