LiveView show/hide animation/transition

There is a LiveView component, which displays multiple elements/widgets, presence of which are determined by a list in an assign. When I remove an element from the assign list, the corresponding widget disappears as expected. Now what is the suggested method of adding an animation/transition to such removal? Something like a combined scale-down and fade-out for example…

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phx-remove in the bindings for DOM patching is meant for this kind of use cases

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So based on this example I add phx-remove={JS.hide(%JS{}, transition: "fade-out-scale", to: "##{@widget_id}")}. This gives me:


in the markup, and… I see no transition. When I do exactly as in the example (with separate function) the same. I can increase the time and I see increased delay before the element disappears so at least this part works. Anything I am badly missing or should keep i mind while doing this?

Edit: Are those transitions predefined or does one have to define them herself?

This example using tailwind classes only works fine for me:

<button phx-click="toggle-show-assign">show or hide</button>
        JS.hide(transition: {"ease-out duration-1000", "opacity-100", "opacity-0"}, time: 1000)
      phx-mounted={ {"ease-in duration-1000", "opacity-0", "opacity-100"}, time: 1000)
      I fade in or out when you click the button

OK - apparently those are only “example transition CSS class names” which are added when the removal is triggered. This means one has to define those classes first. Something like:

@keyframes fade-out-scale {
	100% {
		transform: scale(0.4);
		opacity: 0;

.fade-out-scale {
	opacity: 1;
	animation: fade-out-scale .2s ease-in;
	animation-fill-mode: forwards;

does the trick for the example above.

Phoenix generators create a css file with those classes (at least they used to when I created my project).

But yeah, I prefer using the native tailwind classes as shown above. I hate writing CSS :slight_smile:

Ah, might be. I surely removed those original phx CSS files long time ago :slight_smile: