LiveView Stopped Updating after updates

My LiveView setup has been working fine for weeks now. It’s used on an embedded device which has made working with them much better!

However, after some recent mix deps.update ... it has stopped sending updates to the browser. I can’t figure out why it’s stopped working. UI events and still arrive from JS and are working properly and updating assigns. I’ve set my debugger level to debug and don’t see any issues. When the page is refreshed it updates properly.

Most recently I reverted back to known working code, removed my deps/ and _build folders and it’s still not working. I’ve tried a couple of browsers, all the same.

Any help would be great! I’m at a lost and not sure what next to debug.

I fixed it, and I’ll leave a note here for others since LiveView is still under such heavy development. The git repo changes quickly therefore I ended up finding a version which worked and have manually set the :phoenix_live_view version like so:

{:phoenix_live_view, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view", ref: "bcacd1d0545e923f069738fe244c27904a58973d"},

However, since my phoenix app is configured as a dependency to a nerves application, I also had to manually set the :phoenix_live_view ref version in the main application mix.exs as well to ensure it doesn’t get overridden or use a different ref.

Seems for now you want to ensure live view ends up on the exact same git version as your app.js uses, so it’s best to manually set the same version on downstream apps as well.


You also need to ensure you blow away the old node_modules/phoenix_live_view and re-run npm -i


Ah yes, forgot about that. Thanks! Also, I am actually enjoying writing html dashboards with LiveView!