LiveView vs Scenic: What are the tradeoffs?

I’m thinking of running of playing around with Nerves for a hobby project, is there any reason to use Scenic instead of LiveView?

I have experience with LiveView and was wondering if there is anything special to motivate trying out Scenic.

LiveView requires a browser. That can be a heavy lift for an embedded device if it needs to run that on its own in the context of no other devices around being able to do so.

Hmm…I thought of hardware limitations but found enough LiveView + Nerves tutorials to start thinking that it was a matter of preference.

It’s interesting though that you are focusing on the browser. Is rendering HTML that much much heavier than native components? Or is it the browser software specifically?

A browser is so much more than just the render things to pixels part. So yes it’s being able to run a browser (and have it perform well enough).

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Awesome, thanks @LostKobrakai. I’ll default to LiveView for now while I try out Nerves and give Scenic a shot later.