Liveview vs XXXXView?

Phoenix provides both Liveview and a traditional stateless view. It seems like many people have trouble naming the traditional view, and I’ve seen:

  • Dead view. This is a bad name as it has a negative connotation
  • Classic view: This is also bad because what if we have a newer tech down the road and liveview itself becomes classic?

Can I propose that we make an official name for the traditional view to reduce confusion? I’d like the name to be short, neutral and conveying technical meanings. How about:

  • Restview, REST means statelessness, and it is also short
  • HTTPview, It is just plain HTTP after all,
  • or something else?
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I’d probably go with static views. They don’t change after being rendered. That’s what differenciates them from liveviews.

RESTView is imo not good, because not everything non live is REST.
HTTPView has the same problem, because not everything non live uses HTTP.

Case in point: Rendering html for emails. Not REST and SMTP for transfer.


Have you considered “view”? Or “PO(P)V” (plain old (phoenix) view)?

In my opinion it doesn’t make any sense to rename views just because we have an alternative for them.

We haven’t renamed supervisors just because someone introduced delayed supervisors with exponential back off, did we?

Good point; though in the case of rendering email, there is no liveview so there is no confusion.

“Phoenix views” :+1:t2: