LiveView will soon be more accessible; what about Livebook?

In ElixirConf 2022 - Chris McCord - Phoenix + LiveView Updates (at 27:05), Chris said “… the big thing I’m focusing on in LiveView 18 is Accessibility …”.

As I understand it, his plan is to use predefined Tailwind CSS components to make things like focus handling work “out of the box”. This would be a real win for the (blind, dyslexic, etc.) folks that use screen readers.

Given that supporting accessibility is a real pain to do by hand, building it into the framework is about the only way we can expect it to happen in most web sites. So, I’m delighted!

Although he didn’t mention them, I would expect support for semantic naming of HTML sections, adding of ARIA markup, and so forth to be included as well. Because, Chris…

Anyway, this makes me wonder about the status and prospects for supporting accessibility in Livebook, as well. Much of its HTML (etc) is generated automagically, so adding appropriate markup should be fairly straightforward (cough).



Jose Valim is really welcoming when we raise PRs.

Perhaps you can create a PR for the LiveBook.