Local error tracker/notifier?

Does a local error tracking/notification library exist? I’m looking for one that will handle local errors (preferably via sasl as well as a plug) and facilitate displaying them in a locally running Phoenix instance. There are numerous error reporters that report to external services, but I don’t see any local collectors.

Here are some similar packages that work with external services:


In theory you can use Sentry and run your own instance locally, for example within Docker container.

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If you ripped the plug adapter, logger integration, and notify/3 out of Honeybadger and replaced the http client with an ets/genserver you would have a local error tracker.

Actually, the http client may be pluggable, you could swap it out for something that kept it all in memory instead and still use the regular Honeybadger client.

I realize that using a full remote error tracker isn’t really your aim, but it got me thinking.

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That’s really neat that you can run Sentry locally! I had no idea. Unfortunately it won’t work for me in this particular case because I want to run the software on end-user’s (who are developers) machines and I don’t want docker to be required for installation.

Hmm, that does sound like a workable solution, if the http client is pluggable that does seem like a great hook, then I just need some basic error rendering in the browser. Thanks for the idea!

I will sound like douche, but tell them to learn how to read log files and for example point them to the lnav for viewing these if they really need some help for that.